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The journal Historical Searches of the Institute of History, University of Sarajevo, publishes the following categories of articles:

  1. Original scientific papers
  2. Review articles
  3. Expert articles
  4. Historical material
  5. Book reviews

The category of the paper is proposed by the author, and the final decision is made by the Editorial Board in consultation with the reviewers.

Content of Paper:

  1. Title
  2. Author's Name
  3. Institution and Address
  4. Email Address
  5. Abstract and Keywords
  6. Abstract and Keywords in B/C/S language
  7. Main Text with Footnotes
  8. Conclusion
  9. List of sources and literature

The text should be written in the font Times New Roman, size 12, with 1,5 line spacing while footnotes are written in font size 10 with the single line spacing. The total length of the paper should not exceed 32 text cards (1 text card equals 1800 characters with spaces).

Papers are subject to a double anonymous critical review without revealing the identity of either the author or the reviewers. Only those papers that receive two positive reviews and for which the Editorial Board makes a final decision on publication are published.

Authors of published papers receive three copies of Historical Searches.


Citing archive documents:

The Archives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, (in further text: ABiH) Sarajevo, Fond: Government of the People's Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1945-1953 (in further text: VNRBiH), box 15, sign. 123/46

DAD, Diversa Cancellariae, XXXI, 62v.

Başbakanlık arşivi, Istanbul, Mühimme-defter, doc. no. 286, 2

The citing of other unpublished primary sources is according to the customary rules.

Citing books:

Ibrahim Kemura, Narodna uzdanica, Sarajevo: Bošnjački institut, Institut za istoriju, 2003, 51-66. (Usage of abbreviations as pp is not allowed; only the page number is written.)

Ibidem, 79.

When the same book title is cited again in the text elsewhere, an abbreviated title should be used, for example:

I. Kemura, Narodna uzdanica, 52.

Citing articles:

Ibrahim Karabegović, „U povodu četrdesetogodišnjice postojanja i rada Instituta za istoriju“, in: Prilozi, Sarajevo: Institut za istoriju, 2000, No. 29, 39-44.

Ibidem, 40.

When the same article is cited again in the text elsewhere, an abbreviated title should be used, for example:

I. Karabegović, „U povodu četrdesetogodišnjice“, 42.

Citing articles from books or proceedings:

Boris Nilević, „Srednjovjekovna Bosna i Osmansko carstvo“, in: Bosna i Hercegovina i svijet, zbornik radova, Sarajevo: Institut za istoriju, 1996, 65-74.

When the same article is cited again elsewhere in the text, an abbreviated citing should be used, for example:

B. Nilević, „Srednjovjekovna Bosna“, 68.

Citing newspapers:

„Branko Mikulić: Kako sam vladao Bosnom. Tito nas nije saslušavao“, Naši dani, No. 970, 23. 6. 1989, 36-39.

Citing World Wide Web sources:

Grad Sarajevo. Jedinstven informacioni sistem grada Sarajeva. http://www.sarajevo.ba/aktivnosti/Jisg.htm /  25 / 2 / 1999 (accessed X / X / XXXX)



The paper should contain a list of unpublished and published sources, as well as a list of used books and articles.



* Arhiv Bosne i Hercegovine (ABiH), Sarajevo, Fond Centralnog komiteta SKBiH

* Historijski arhiv Sarajevo (HAS), Sarajevo, Fond Skupštine grada Sarajeva ZOI ‘84

* Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivi (BOA), Istanbul  ̶  Maliyeden Müdevver (MAD.d):, 560, 768, 1399, 2467, 3420, 4718, 10172, 16064.



-Younis, Hana, Od dućana do pozorišta: Sarajevska trgovačka elita 1851–1878, Sarajevo: Institut za historiju, 2017.


– Aličić, Ahmed, „Desetina u Bosni polovinom XIX vijeka“, in: Prilozi, Sarajevo: Institut za istoriju, 1980, vol. 16, no. 17, 129-174.


– Krušelj, Željko, Polet od omladinskog aktivizma do političkog eskapizma (1976.-1990),          (defended doctoral dissertation – unpublished), Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Filozofski fakultet Odsjek za povijest, Zagreb, 2015.


Quality control

All submitted papers are subject to a double-blind review. The reviewers do not have information about authors, and the authors also have no information about reviewers of their texts.


The Institute of History reserves the publication right together with the author. If the author or the Institute wants to republish the paper, the other party must be informed. The republished text must contain the note about publication with the permission of the author or the Institute. A third party must demand permission from both the author and the Institute.

Prohibition of plagiarism

By sending the paper to the Historical Searches, the author guarantees that the text is original and that it has not been published nor offered to another journal before. Failure to comply with this rule entails a rejection of the text and the special attention of the editorial board toward submitting future articles by the same author. After accepting the paper for publication, the authors sign a statement on authorship and originality.